Client Stories and Transformations

"I have never in my life had such a complete 180 in such a short period of time. I feel complete and total relief. I feel so hopeful, so grateful, and so powerful."

Alison Reeves

Marketing Coach

"I was able to take action without the feeling of frustration."

Laura Lacy-Thompson

Transformational Mindset Coach

"It is really amazing and a miracle. I have changed who I am. I am able to see the world in a different light."

Kim Sarubbi

"Once you understand that not all the emotions you feel are yours, it's much easier to let it go."

Jenny Diebold

"Working together at a distance didn't feel like any distance at all."

Helen Pengelly

"I am grateful for the work that we have done with me in the past and the work that we will be doing in the future."

Wai Cheung

"Sally is such an amazing and gifted healer. My pain is gone."

Charlene Ormo

"Sally was one of those people who could answer the questions that I needed to have answered and really get to the core of what I needed to know.."

Malyssa Jackson

"She changed my life."

Gina Ketchum

"One of the simplest, most profound processes that I have ever experienced."

Arlene Eckhert

"I am amazed by your ability to help people to get in touch with their bodies."

Carol Quinn

"I love how you break the rules in a fun and enthusiastic way."

Carol Quinn

Sally Reid is an intuitive coach and energy healer specializing in empowering highly sensitive people (HSPs). Through her unique blend of advanced energy healing techniques and intuitive coaching, Sally helps HSPs transform their sensitivity into a powerful asset for personal and professional growth. With a deep understanding of the challenges and strengths of being highly sensitive, she offers personalized coaching, transformative courses, and a supportive community designed to foster self-belief, emotional mastery, and lasting positive change. Connect with Sally to unlock your true potential and thrive as your authentic self.

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