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Sally Reid is an esteemed intuitive coach and energy healer, dedicated to empowering highly sensitive people (HSPs). With her unique blend of intuitive coaching and advanced energy healing techniques, Sally transforms lives by helping individuals harness their sensitivity as a powerful asset for personal and professional growth.

Why Book Sally?

  • Large Social Media Following: Sally has more than 250K followers and over a million 'likes' on social media, which includes TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Expertise with HSPs: Sally specializes in working with highly sensitive people, providing profound insights and practical tools tailored to their unique needs.

  • Transformative Insights: Sally offers valuable strategies for turning sensitivity into a strength and achieving personal and professional success.

  • Engaging Speaker: Her relatable and inspiring style captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

Speaking Topics

  • Harnessing Sensitivity for Success: Learn how to turn sensitivity into a strength and achieve personal and professional growth.

  • Energy Healing and Intuitive Coaching: Discover the power of energy healing techniques combined with intuitive coaching for transformative change.

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Building Confidence: Practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and cultivating self-belief.

  • Developing Intuition and Emotional Mastery: Enhance intuitive abilities and manage emotions effectively for a balanced life.

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Sally Reid is an intuitive coach and energy healer specializing in empowering highly sensitive people (HSPs). Through her unique blend of advanced energy healing techniques and intuitive coaching, Sally helps HSPs transform their sensitivity into a powerful asset for personal and professional growth. With a deep understanding of the challenges and strengths of being highly sensitive, she offers personalized coaching, transformative courses, and a supportive community designed to foster self-belief, emotional mastery, and lasting positive change. Connect with Sally to unlock your true potential and thrive as your authentic self.

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